Scott Kirby in Drag Pictures Goes Viral: Netizens Slammed United Airlines

Scott Kirby in Drag Pictures Goes Viral: Netizens Slammed United Airlines

Scott Kirby, the Chief Executive Officer of United Airlines, has appeared in newly surfaced pictures, thus gaining fire all over the internet. In the pictures, he appeared in drag. On January 15, 2024, the pictures were posted on X, formerly Twitter, by the user ‘Libs of TikTok’. As per the claims by the group, United Airlines has shifted its focus towards sponsoring drag shows.

In the same X post, the group posted footage of a video showcasing an interview with AXIOS. In the video, Scott Kirby was asked to explain the execution of the DEI program in the company. The CEO replied, that they aim to have people of color and women as half the population of their employees. He added that, currently only 19% of their workforce and pilots are women or people of color. Furthermore, he said, “And by the way, from all the data I have seen, that’s the highest of any airline in the country.”

The 56-year-old CEO also opened up about his views on the Inclusion campaign, Equity, and Diversity at United Airlines. Netizens reacted harshly to the news by mentioning that this would open job opportunities for inefficient people in corporate companies. Hiring unskilled and inefficient pilots in the case of airlines might pose a serious threat to the safety of the cabin crew members along with the passengers.

United Airlines And Scott Kirby On Fire Over DEI Footage

Scott Kirby’s pictures showcased as a drag queen has put numerous people in a frenzy. As the post gained popularity, netizens rushed to the post’s comment section and criticized the post massively. People’s reactions include advising the 56-year-old CEO to not include drag shows within the company, but rather fulfill his fantasies outside the company.

Speculations regarding the chances of Scott Kirby’s hiring under the DEI program are currently in circulation all over social media. The airline company, United Airlines was slammed heavily by the netizens for giving jobs to the people based on a diversity program.

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