Explained: Nayanthara’s Film ”Annapoorani” Sparks Controversy For Hurting Religious Sentiments

A Tamil language movie, “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food” is currently at the center of controversy. The movie features Nayanthara as the lead actress and is under fire for hurting the religious sentiments of people. According to netizens online, the movie features various controversial statements regarding Lord Ram and Mata Sita.

FIR Lodged Against Nayanthara

A first information report (FIR) has been filed against Nayanthara, by the Hindu Sewa Parishad in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh at Omti Police Station. Moreover, the police case has been filed under sections 153-A and 34. The case has been filed not only against Nayantara but also against Nilesh Krishnaa, the film director.


Ramesh Solanki, the founder of Hindu IT Cell is the one to file the complaint which includes the respective people who allegedly hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Moreover, as per the complainants, the movie promoted the concept of “love jihad” and disrespected Lord Ram as well.

The controversies gained limelight at a time when the most awaited Ayodhya Ram temple’s consecration ceremony is just a few days away.

Netflix and Nayantara’s Reactions

Following the lodge of the FIR, Netflix took immediate action by removing the movie, “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food.” Thus, it is not accessible on OTT platforms. The movie, “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food” was released in cinemas in December 2023 and was available on Netflix later the same month. However, as of January 18, 2024, Thursday, the movie is no longer available on Netflix.

Nayanthara broke her silence by writing down an official statement on her official Instagram account days after “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food,” her movie was taken down from the OTT platform, Netflix. The Jawan actress addressed the entire controversy surrounding her recent movie. On January 19, 2024, Friday morning, she released a long note.

Nayanthara highlighted that her intentions have always been to spread the message of inspiration, positivity, love, and equality. Moreover, she also mentioned that before coming on to Netflix, the movie was first aired in cinemas. “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food” was also certified by the CBFC. Furthermore, she began by writing, “Being someone who wholely believes in God…”

Nayanthara Controversy
Image Credit: @nayanthara/Instagram

Nayanthara underscored her religious beliefs and her regular visits to temples. She also highlighted that hurting the religious beliefs and sentiments of the Hindus would never even pop into her head, as she is an ardent follower and believer of Hinduism herself.

The “Jawan” actor revealed the real intentions behind all the people associated with the making of the movie, saying that the film was to focus on the “uplifting and inspiring” aspect of the story. Moreover, their intention was far away from causing any distress. Nayanthara also expressed her sincere apologies to those who were seriously affected by the movie.

Annapoorani Controversy Explained

Here is a detailed explanation of the controversy-

The movie “Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food” has been directed by Nilesh Krishnaa. It also features Sathyaraj and Jai among others. In the movie, a young woman aspires to become India’s best chef since she was young. However, despite her family’s disapproval, fighting with the patriarchal setup, and leaving her marriage, she went to pursue her dreams.

However, even after all the sacrifices she made, she faced workplace politics and even met with a deadly accident where she lost her taste. However, she stayed courageous and marched ahead toward achieving her goals. She finally, became India’s best chef, making everyone proud.

Must be wondering what went so wrong. Keep reading to know.

The scenes that led the movie under fire included Annapoorani (Nayanthara’s character) being convinced by her friend to deal comfortably with non-vegetarian food as a chef needs to perform his/her duties with all types of food.

To convince her, her friend told her that even Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and, Lord Laxman survived by eating animals during their exile that lasted for fourteen long years. Thus, Annapoorani should not fear while fulfilling her duty as a chef. Moreover, in the final round of the competition Annapoorani faced, she was asked to make biriyani, where she wore hijab and then read namaz before making the biriyani.

A section of people found these scenes highly objectionable, hurting their religious sentiments and beliefs. Thus, it was later removed from the OTT platform, Netflix after the FIR was filed.

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